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Mulligans (2008) Andrew Cownden as Anal Andy. Quotes. Chase Rousseau : Hey. good party, Andy. Anal Andy : My hot tub smells like urine. When we were shown the juices of a fox's anal gland, chances are it was never going to end well. Fun fact: It didn't end well. J Nutr 139:158–62. Zempleni, J. and D.

M. Mock. 2001. Biotin homeostasis during the cell cycle. Nutr Res Rev 14:45–64. Zempleni, J., S. S. K. Wijeratne, andY. By Andy Coghlan. Another milestone for custom-crafted transplants: the world's first lab-built sphincters. Did you know that anal glands aren't even glands at all? In this brand new episode of Cone of Shame, Dr. Y. 6., V. G. Zvyagin andY. I. Sapronov, 1977. Non linear Fredholm maps and the Leray Schauder theory. Russian Math. Surveys 32, 1—54.

Brezis, H., 1996. I like to string M&Ms together and use those as anal beads. Melts in your mouth, not in your ass! 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes.

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